Stories from Bournemouth is a collection of short films about local people, what they do and why they love it here.


Richard Brown puts his passion for craft beer and a sense of community, front and centre at The Way Outback brewery and tap room, breathing life into once forgotten part of a much loved high street in Southbourne.


Tom Ormerod combined the love of riding his bike with his passion for photography during his commute to work. Using instagram Tom takes full advantage of the golden hour to showcase the beauty of our coastline.


Dionne Williams is an artist starting to help others, by drawing from dark experiences she never knew existed until a lack of funds and her love for art forced her to get creative. Filmed at her Boscombe based studio space.


Bournemouth breeds and attracts creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators and digital philanthropist’s. What’s so special?

From the moment I first came to Bournemouth, I was curious why it rarely flags up as a go to destination, let alone be on anyone’s short list for relocation. Having moved here from London for a better work life balance, as a family, we soon go it. What seemed like a gamble at first, soon became a no brainer when we started to meet the people that make our home town so special.

The more you scratch below the surface of the beautiful surroundings, victorian architecture and seaside attractions, the more you discover the real Bournemouth. The people, the creatives, the entrepreneurs, the innovators and the digital philanthropist's, trying to make a difference either personally or to society as a whole. Many have the opportunity to move at any point yet they still choose to stay here.

Stories from Bournemouth is a collection of short film’s from an insiders perspective, that shows why the locals love what they do in the place we call home.