“It’s turned into a type of art therapy, people all over the world have sent messages to say this is helping them with their issues”

Dionne Williams, has always had a love for art and visiting galleries. Dionne started to paint because she couldn’t afford to buy art, sourcing cheap materials coupled with her “stuff it, let’s give it a go” attitude, she unleashed a whole side to her that she never new existed!

“I’ve had soldiers that have been traumatised from war torn situations, message me saying me sharing my art has connected with them and helped them address the dark issues that are causing them emotional distress. When they in turn share their work and experiences it’s like a dark cloak being lifted off their shoulders.”

Dionne has an incredible energy with an infectious creative drive, her work rate is immense. Drawing inspiration from travelling and new experiences she is still very much an artist that likes to heal people. Naturally bright and bubbly she is able to access and harness the dark elements of her past that she never new existed until her art made her address issues she had previously ignored or blocked out.

Dionne wants to help others through her art and sharing it to inspire and encourage others to do likewise.

Check out Dionne’s work on her Instagram account and go give her a follow.

Instagram: @dwilliamsartist