paintshop studio is a collision of graffiti, street art, stylish graphic design and global brands


"Being in Bournemouth is really liberating, in London it's easy to get swept up in a tide of trends, but here you've got space to be yourself."

Rick Walker AKA Ricky Also and founder of Paintshop Studio has the ability to combine an established graffiti heritage and his skills as an accomplished graphic designer, creating a unique typographical style.

Born and raised on the South Coast, Rick grew up as many kids in the 80's driven by the emerging subcultures of Skating and Hip Hop. "In my neck of the woods, you either became a breaker, MC or graffiti writer growing up, that's when I realised I was pretty good at drawing". Finding his way to Bournemouth, Rick worked at a now well established web agency in town, when it was still very much in it's infancy. Combining his graffiti heritage with his desire to progress his graphic design skills he undertook several side project's for friends and musicians. Rick then headed for London. Cutting his teeth at several agencies, included Crooked Tongues, Rick took the jump and started Paintshop Studio.

The ethos of Paintshop Studio has always been one of using mixed media to convey each clients message in a stylish and sin sync manner. Large or small, interior or exterior on paper, web or wall Rick's vision for Paintshop Studio is continued growth across a variety of platforms.

In 2014, with a young family Rick took the decision to up sticks and move from South East London to Bournemouth. The instant attraction to a better work life balance, more freedom for his children and a lifestyle that would instantly benefit his family made perfect sense.

Establishing a company in a new area takes the sort of graft that Rick is used to and not shy of. Having space here to breathe and think, has helped Rick develop his typographical street style and energetic characatures synonymous with Paintshop Studio and his alias Ricky Also. Working with brands locally, nationally and globally has added clients like Vodafone, Facebook and Adidas to his portfolio.

With offices in the triangle, on Poole Hill in the town centre, Rick says "Living and working in Bournemouth is a refreshing change, in London you can easily get swept up in a tide of trends and down here you have time to breathe."

Check the paintshop studio website and @RickyAlso on insta for his latest work.


Paintshop Studio
Top floor, 39 Poole Hill,


Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm