“the first time i surfed i was eight, on a belly board. you don’t need to be a pro to do that, just get in the sea, face the beach and start enjoying yourself”.


David Germain gave up a hectic London design agency lifestyle with a mission in mind, to get more people into the sea.

During a post surf chat at the step, with his brother, David wondered why more people don't get in the sea to experience the shear pleasure of catching a wave. Then the epiphany hit, David decided to start South Hand Crafted and help folk's do just that.

"I think the beauty of doing the workshops is that people don't believe they can make things first off, so there's a lot of satisfaction learning new tools, finishing your own product, then getting to surf it or to skate it. It's just smiles all round".

South Hand Crafted is a workshop helping people build their own belly boards, bodysurf handplanes and skate decks. Founder David Germain guides you from the beginning to the end with a variety of finished options to choose from, you'll end up with a sustainable craft to cruise or surf for years to come.

"A handplane can aid the progress of bodysurfing, that's the most natural simplest form of surfing and it's just even cooler if you've made your own. It's a really nice introduction to the sea and surfing but to ride your actual final board, to see the grain of the wood flying down the wave, is just super humbling and super exciting to know that you've made it and just to be there in that moment is really cool".

Contact David to book a workshop, he's super chilled and wants to help make great craft, so you can start your adventure with the sea.

Check out the South Hand Crafted Instagram @southhandcrafted


107 Haviland Road


Mon-fri: 9-5pm