“I love riding my bike and love taking photographs, so why not combine the two?”

Tom Ormerod, combined his passion for photography and love of cycling when he started to document his commute via Instagram by taking photographs of his bike against some of Bournemouths stunning back drops.

“When my alarm goes off at 4am I definitely don’t want to get out of bed, but when I just make that extra effort and scrape myself out of bed and I’m standing there looking at my bike through the camera lens with the sunrise in the background, then it’s all worth it.”

Tom say’s every photographer has their favourite spot, their go to location. For him personally, it’s Hengistbury Head, sunrise or sunset the natural beauty of the ‘Head’ gives something for everyone that loves being outdoors. Spectacular vista’s, stunning beaches, relaxing walks and some amazing wildlife. When you sit somewhere like this to watch the sunrise, not only does it put things very much into perspective, but you totally get why Tom wants to document it’s beauty.

Check out Tom’s photo’s on his histogram account and go give him a follow.

Instagram: @TomOrmerod